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Subject A of La Fuga – Australia.

Australia is a continental quantum-computing conglomerate, for the complete comprehension of the psycho-informative phenomenon called ‘Painside’. Defined as the total sum of existential suffering experienced by any sentient entity along a terrestrial day, Painside is the base unit upon which modern thermoeconomy is based. Understanding the discrete processes that govern how energy and matter behave into its culmintation as existencial anguish is the best, last chance human race has of finding its place among the stars.

In each grain of sand and clump of flesh, an atomic process diligently computing into our Kingdom’s Realm.

The present video document is the user’s guide for his/her reallocation into Australia’s facilities, as well as his matriculation as QICA’s test subject. This is humanity’s ultimate empress: the defining of what game it has been playing since the origins of existence. The rules and steps to follow.