L. - English

Subject L of La Fuga


"I. Sight. Eyes to a thinker. With which to deem when someone is right. When someone is wrong. And when someone is not.

II. Hearing. In ears wise enough to know when to start listening, as their fissible beings start glistening.

III. Taste. It is a sharp tongue, the one you are given. It cuts the world apart into little pieces, so that no two men call the same one, 'Home'.

IV. Smell. The scent of fear, when not just terror. They are the worst two, out of nine optimal forms.

V. Touch. The hearts of life in as many senses possible. Caress the idea of become, a monster. Megatonchires of man, you will make.

VI. Lucia. You are our child. And we are your family. We gave you shape -of bomb-. Now give us sense -as cloud-."


L. presents an infinite fall through an ever-unfolding space tunnel, whose walls are made up of thousands of hexagonal cells, tessellated into a graphene-like matrix. Each cell displays one of the more than 10,000 photographs taken during the Apollo Mission Project, continuously tightening the coil wrapped around the viewer. Throughout its development, L. is a rather precise visual metaphor of a human birth canal -this hypnotic, vertiginous rushing into nothingness (illustrated by the rushing images of humanity's greatest empress) reveals its ultimate purpose: L. was not the birth of any human being, but rather the collision trajectory described by one last nuclear bomb.


IMPORTANT: this video es the linear version of L. (i.e. non interactive in 360°/virtual reality). The original, VR-native work is in the following link: vimeo.com/207492280/settings

For more information regarding this VR work, please contact me.


Sound design and original composition: Pablo Abelardo Mariña Montalvo
Additional voices: Adrián Regnier, Diana Flores Blazquez