G. - 360° VR - English

Subject G of La Fuga.



"'Euroboros of Man': this is the tale of tails. This is the tale of maws."

G. illustrates a phantasmagoria of images and words, of never-ending cycles -the ebbing tides of change and consequence-. Taking a thinker and turning into a fighter, taking a fighter into a ghost, G. shows that all living things must abide the most basic of the natural laws: the principle of diminishing returns. When ghosts can't be turned into nothing -our efforts stop offering us options- and there won't come a second second chance, the beast that derives sustenance from all that strives for sustenance, returns.

G. meets us with the second of La Fuga's three great monsters: the Euroboros.

Please, give it a warm welcome. Be kind: surrender to it all of your ghosts.


Original music in gratis licensing (pending) - "Rorschach Pavan": Robert Matthew Cooper (Eluvium)
Additional voiceover: Adrián Regnier
Sound design: Pablo Mariña Montalvo